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We rent out your property for you with the expertise of the market leader. You can turn to us with full confidence. We take care of the entire process without you having to worry about a thing. We utilize modern technology to ensure that you can rent a property smoothly and conveniently in person or remotely. 

According to a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy in 2020, Vuokraturva is the most reliable, well-known and reputed rental agency.

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Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee as your security

In addition to the normal rent security deposit, we provide a special Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee, i.e. an additional guarantee for the payment of the rent during the first year. If the tenant does not pay his/her rent, it is paid to you via the Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee. 

The Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee is always included in the price of our property rental service. Our commission is 1.24 times monthly rent (1 month + VAT). Apart from the commission, the only other cost is the fee payable for the house manager's certificate. Both the costs are 100 percent deductible in rental income taxation.

For additional information, please call +358 10 2327 300 or fill in the below contact request. 

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