Seven steps to renting out your property

Evaluation visit

To get started, call Vuokraturva’s Customer Service or complete the contact request form that you can find on Vuokraturva’s web site.

Our agent will contact you to discuss matters relating to property rental. If necessary, this can be carried out easily and conveniently without the need for face-to-face meetings. The agent will familiarise themselves with the property and assess the correct rental level with you using the up-to-date information of the market leader on rent requests at the time concerned. 

Commission agreement

Our agent prepares a rental commission agreement covering the level of fittings and appliances, the housing company, rental terms, etc. You will digitally sign the agreement using your online banking codes, seal the deal, and the agent will get to work. 

The agent takes high-quality photographs of the property for marketing purposes. He/she contacts the house manager, acquires information on the housing company, finds out what renovations plans the housing company has and orders the necessary documents for you. 


The agent selects the photographs and prepares a rental advertisement. In addition to private showings, we are also making extensive use of video showings, which are included in our normal commission. In addition to marketing on the Oikotie and Vuokraovi websites, we also market the property direct to the tenancy applicants in Vuokraturva's register.

Viewings and background checks

We utilize modern and digital technology for managing property rental and the tenant application process.

Applicants can apply as tenants of a property by filling out a digital property application on Vuokraturva’s website.

The agent will show properties to potential tenants using either video showings or separately agreed private showings. Once suitable tenant candidates have been found, the agent will discuss the process of tenant selection with you. 

The agent conducts thorough tenant background checks, interviews the potential tenants and carries out preliminary discussions with them on the terms of the possible tenancy agreement. The agent checks the credit ratings of the potential tenants. You make the final decision.

Tenancy agreement 

The agent prepares the tenancy agreement with the necessary appendices and has it signed by the parties.


Before handing over the keys, we ensure that the tenant has delivered the rent security deposit certificate. We ensure that the tenant receives the keys to the property as agreed. 

During the tenancy

The Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee guarantees the payment of the rent during the first year of the tenancy. 

​We are at your service during the entire duration of the tenancy, also after the guarantee period. 


Take the first step!

Complete the below contact request or call +358 10 2327 300 (Mon-Sun 8-20). 

We are at your service in the Uusimaa, Turku, Tampere and Oulu regions in Finland.

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