Security deposit and return of keys

  • It is the landlord's obligation to return the security deposit to the tenant without delay at the end of the tenancy if all rental obligations have been fulfilled and no damage has been caused.  The landlord shall be responsible for normal wear and tear of the property unless otherwise agreed.
  • Contact the landlord directly about returning the deposit.
  • If a security deposit account in a bank was used, the landlord shall release the deposit by signing the lien commitment of the security deposit account when the tenancy has ended.  Vuokraturva delivers the lien commitment to the landlord at the beginning of the tenancy.
  • If the deposit has been paid into the landlord's account, the landlord shall transfer the amount of the deposit directly into the tenant's account.
  • You can agree on returning the keys directly with the landlord.  Keys can usually be returned to a Vuokraturva office.

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