Terminating a tenancy agreement

Following these instructions ensures that things so smoothly when you want to terminate your tenancy agreement.   

  • Notice of termination must be given in writing and provenly to the landlord. It is a good idea to request both parties to sign the notice of termination.
  • You can terminate your tenancy agreement with a pre-completed form, which you received from us in connection with your tenancy agreement at the beginning of your tenancy.  You can also fill in and print out a notice of termination form here.
  • The tenant must give one month's notice for terminating an agreement valid until further notice. If a first possible date for giving notice has been agreed on, this shall be adhered to.
  • You should give your notice of termination well in advance in order to give the landlord enough time to receive and acknowledge the notice in time.
  • Notice of termination is given directly to the landlord, but it is a good idea to deliver a copy also to Vuokraturva to keep us informed.
  • You should check the tenancy agreement to find out the starting date of the first possible notice of termination.
  • A fixed-term contract cannot be terminated as it is binding to both parties for the duration of the entire tenancy period.

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