Frequently Asked Questions for rental property applicants

I found a property that I’m interested in. How can I apply for it?

You can fill out a digital property application at The application is not binding. We will examine applications together with the lessor, after which the selected applicant can view the property in person.

I filled out a property application. When will I be able to view the property?

Our agents examine applications together with the lessor and contact the selected tenant in person to arrange a showing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate how long the process will take overall because it varies, but we aim to rent properties for which we act as the rental agency as quickly as possible. Once a property has been rented, all applicants who submitted a digital property application will be notified.

Can I edit my property application after it has been submitted?

You can view and edit your applications at There is an “Identify” button in the top right-hand corner of the site, where you can log in to the system. After logging in, you will find your applications under “My applications” at the top right of the page.

Can I get the phone number of the agent responsible for the property and arrange a viewing with them?

We cannot provide contact details for agents at this point in the application process. Our agents examine applications and decide, together with the lessor, which applicants will be able to view the property. We aim to examine all applications as quickly as possible, and our agents will directly contact applicants who will move forward in the process.

Do poor credit records affect whether I can rent a property?

We check property applicants’ credit records. A poor credit record is not necessarily an obstacle to getting a rental property, but it does make it significantly more difficult. If you have several poor credit records, this will usually prevent you from getting a rental property entirely. If you only have a minimal number of poor credit records and they are old, it may be easier for you to rent a property if another person acts as your guarantor (personal suretyship) in writing, or if you are able to pay a security deposit of three months.

What does an absolute guarantee mean?

In an absolute guarantee, a third party acts as guarantor towards the lessor concerning all of the tenant’s rent agreement obligations for the entire duration of the rent agreement. An absolute guarantee can be of significant help if an applicant has bad credit records, irregular income, or is a student, for example.

Are parking spaces included with properties?

If there is no information about a parking space in the marketing text, parking spaces are not automatically included in the terms of the rent agreement. Parking spaces owned by housing companies are usually distributed via the property manager on a wait list basis. You can check the current wait list situation before arranging a viewing or before making the rent agreement.

I have a pet. Can I rent a property from Vuokraturva?

The property listing will specify either a ban on pets or that pets are allowed subject to agreement, whereupon you must separately agree on pets with the lessor. In the latter case, the type of pet may influence the lessor’s decision to let a property. It is important to always mention pets in advance in the property application.

What is Takausvakuus (the Takausvakuus Security Guarantee) and how does it work? 

The Takausvakuus Security Guarantee is offered to the tenant as an alternative to a monetary security.

If desired, the security for a lease agreement for a property leased via Vuokraturva can usually be replaced with a Takausvakuus Security Guarantee, which is in the form of a one-time payment amounting to 18 per cent of the security in euros. There are no monthly payments or hidden costs for the tenant.

The Takausvakuus Security Guarantee does not incur any costs to the lessor at any point. The Takausvakuus Security Guarantee helps when there is fierce competition for good tenants. Additionally, the lessor does not need to keep or return the security if the Takausvakuus Security Guarantee is used. Takausvakuus Oy is owned by Vuokraturva-yhtiöt Oy.