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We’ll lease your property on your behalf


An expert visit 

Our estate agent will carefully inspect your property and work with you to determine an appropriate amount of rent. 


A wide range of marketing

We market properties on Oikotie and Vuokraovi, on YouTube, and in Vuokraturva’s own portal. We also carry out precision marketing for people looking for a property who have set up a search alert. We also still use traditional newspaper listings. 

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Tenancy applicants’ service & digital channels

We invest into providing personal and high-quality service for tenancy applicants. Even before organizing a private showing, applicants have the opportunity to see a video showing. A property can also be rented in a fully remote process using our advanced digital channels. 


Tenancy agreement and keys

Once a good tenant has been found, we’ll take care of contractual negotiations and the paperwork for you. We will also hand over the keys and make sure that the security deposit has been appropriately provided.



The Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee

The Vuokraturva-sopimus guarantee gives you an extra guarantee of the first year’s rent payments, giving you peace of mind!


Vuokraturva is the most reliable, well known and reputed rental agency.  


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Information about the property

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