Tips for property buyers

Ideas and tips worth taking into account when you go to a viewing and consider buying a property: 

Contact an estate agent and arrange a showing time

Property showings are primarily private.

Arrive for your showing on time

Aim to arrive a little early. The most common reasons for being late include heavy traffic, not being able to find a parking space, and having to search to find the correct address. If you are late, it can unfortunately mean that you will not have enough time to view the property. The estate agent will often have another meeting scheduled after yours, which requires them to keep to their schedule.

Ask for the House Manager’s Certificate in advance and read it carefully  

Send email to the agent who is in charge of the sale of the property and ask for a property documentation package before the viewing. 
The package consists of the following: 

  • House Manager’s Certificate
  • Maintenance requirements report
  • Articles of Association
  • Income statement and balance sheet
  • Energy performance certificate

Remember this if you buy a property that is rented out

If the property that you are planning to buy is rented out, the tenancy agreement between the previous owner of the property and the tenant is automatically binding on you as well. If you intend to buy the property for your own use, you should check the tenancy agreement between the current owner and the tenant well beforehand. When can you cancel a tenancy agreement? When you make plans for moving into the property you have bought, remember the statutory term of notice in case the landlord terminates the tenancy agreement.

Pay attention to the restrictions that may affect the purchase

In some housing companies, the Articles of Association contain a redemption clause that gives the housing company or its shareholders a pre-emptive right to any shares that are sold. Based on the redemption clause, the housing company or its shareholders may have the right to redeem the property at the price agreed between the seller and the buyer within the redemption period prescribed in the Articles of Association. The redemption right is typically valid for two weeks or 30 days.   
The redemption right is usually notified in the sales advertisement of the property under “Redemption clause”.  

Ensure loan availability 

Has your bank promised to grant you a loan? Is the amount sufficient for buying the property? Are you able to provide sufficient security for the loan? 
When you plan to buy a property, the first step is usually to contact your bank. It is easier to discuss a deal if you have already been promised a loan. However, it is usually sensible to ask for a loan offer from more than one bank. The offer that your bank makes may not be the best alternative for you. In the best case, the banks may compete with each other and adjust their offers in your favour. 

Prepare carefully for the viewing

Form a clear picture of the property and the housing company as well as maintenance-related matters before the viewing. 
Pay attention to the floor plan of the property, its neighbourhood, zoning plans for the area, as well as completed or planned renovations. Also, check the transport connections and information on heating, storage facilities and parking places. 
The floor plan of the property can be found in the sales advertisement on our website.  
Information on the housing company is available from the House Manager and information on the zoning of the area from the Building Supervision Authority of the municipality concerned.   

Sell your current property first 

If getting a loan to buy a new property requires that you sell your current property, it is sensible to sell the current property first. Quite often, it is the prerequisite for getting a new loan. If you need professional help in selling your property, we will take care of the whole procedure at a favourable fixed commission. Call +358 10 2327 400 or send an email to

First-time homebuyer benefits

A property bought as the first home is not subject to capital transfer tax if the following requirements are met:

  • You own a minimum of 50% of the property
  • You are 18-39 years old on the date of purchase
  • You buy the property for dwelling purposes and you move into it within 6 months from the date of purchase
  • You have not owned 50% of a property or a building before.

Further information on the first-time homebuyer benefits can be found at: »